The mission of the Historic Everett Theatre Preservation Society, is to continue a 118-year tradition by providing opportunities for artistic production, creative exploration, arts education, the enjoyment of arts and entertainment and to promote tourism and community pride.


Our vision is that all art will enhance people lives and the pride in the community.

The Historic Everett Theatre Preservation Society will inspire through artistic excellence, transform through exploration of many different art forms, and connect one resident to another as citizen artists, who together, generate a positive impact on the culture and economy of the region.

Established in 1901 the Theater of Everett has survived a major fire (1923) a major depression and changes of entertainment wants and needs of this growing city, and stands as a testimony to the determination of those came before us to continue a rich heritage of providing art and entertainment to this area.

On-Going Vison:

As we continue in this effort our mission is to provide opportunity not just to the City of Everett for quality entertainment but to enrich the educational opportunity for the children of the area by having classes in acting, lighting, sound, play production and set design. In the economic climate, we are in our school system can no longer to give this opportunity to our children like it was able to in the past.
The Historic Everett Theater and its 501c3 partner The Historic Everett Theatre Preservation Society is determined and pledges to continue to provide and educate and entertain ALL the people of the City of Everett and all residents of Snohomish County with QUALITY FAMILY VALUED ENTERTAINMENT.


The values of the Historic Everett Theatre Preservation Society, embraced by all associated staff and volunteers, contemplate ongoing excellence in presentations as well as customer engagement and service.

*Integrity- We will earn and maintain trust with all constituencies

*Diversity- We will present a variety of offerings and encourage participants and patrons of every background and culture

*Quality- We will seek the highest standards of artistic endeavors and employee work ethic

*Respect- We will consider and regard the views, ideas, and opinions of all in our deliberations

*Access- We will welcome all people to be part of our The Historic Everett Theatre Preservation Society community

*Innovation- We will explore creative and forward-thinking solutions as issues arise and present compelling and thoughtful programming in arts and entertainment

*Citizenship- We will participate fully in the larger community of Everett and Snohomish County through our impact on the economy and desire to support artists in their careers.

* Education- We will offer quality education in the arts to all, including those less fortunate with developmental disabilities thus improving their quality of life and self-esteem.

With grants as well as contributions from you our patrons and sponsors we will continue this course set for us over 116 years ago. Be part of.... Be involved...Believe
Looking forward to the next 100 years ....
The Historic Everett Theater Preservation Society its volunteers and management thanks you the people of the City of Everett and Snohomish County.

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